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By bloid
Published: Dec 11 2008 / 07:11

It has been quite some time that people have been coming out with statements of Java’s demise. But to see Elliotte Rusty Harold in his post Java is Dead! Long Live Python! do it caused me consternation to no end. You may want to check out his web page to get a sense of his contributions. He has written at least four books on Java including those related to XML Processing, IO, network programming. Incidentally he has also written a book on Beautiful Code (more on that later). I would suggest you read the post first, if the remainder of this post is to make any sense.
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Ricky Clarkson replied ago:

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To move from Java to Python is to give up on typing, rather than to look for better typing. Python has nice syntax though.

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Dhananjay Nene replied ago:

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Typing or lack of it has both pros and cons. imho "to look for better typing" is looking at only one side of the coin. I used to feel passionately about strong typing when doing C++ and Java. Now that I have seen the benefits of it in python, I believe the effects are too nuanced to declare that one is necessarily better than the other. While not addressing the pros and cons, I had written a post detailing some of the implications in class design -

IMHO its a very context driven tradeoff. In my current context weak typing works for me .. YMMW.

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Ricky Clarkson replied ago:

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Both C++ and Java have poor type systems. I suggest you look at languages with good type systems (Haskell, F#, Scala to an extent).

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je88484 replied ago:

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Elliotte Rusty Harold's post makes for amusing reading.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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I like Python but I gave up on a project because it was a nightmare debugging it and to much unit testing took to much time. For small scripts Python or Perl are good but for Software Development Java and typing is the way to go.

User 293514 avatar replied ago:

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I agree; Dynamic languages are great for small projects but once the projects get beyond some size I find that typing is a good friend of mine.

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