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By Xiaoran Wang
Published: Mar 31 2013 / 13:18

Why can Python can be more productive than Java?
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henk replied ago:

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Why can Java can [sick] be more performant than Python?

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Jonathan Lermitage replied ago:

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Seriously, you compare things that are not comparable (entire Java methods VS simple lines of Python, this is ridiculous). Who cares about the "System.out.println" verbosity (in NetBeans, simply type "sout" + TAB) ? Java is: one of the (maybe the, with C++) greatest and biggest ecosystems; very good IDEs (NetBeans, eclipse, etc), a very popular language; a lot of servers, new features (look at Java 7 and 8 VMs) etc. In addition, there are the JVM languages (if you prefer, they are Python killers, like Scala ^_^).

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pdolega replied ago:

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Exactly. Plus some of the examples are really broken - i mean no one is creating list with elements in Java as it is shown in the example. Really this one is poor. ,

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talvik replied ago:

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So it boils down to java requiring class definition and main method... There are much more important differences between Python and Java to be tackled. But all I've seen is: "ZOMG. Java takes 6 lines for a hello world!!!11!"

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henk replied ago:

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Why don't we all use JSP if short hello world's are so important? Python: print "hello world"; JSP: hello world

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