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By steveonjava
Published: Apr 22 2010 / 18:20

The JavaFX 1.3 release is out and has quite a slew of new features and capabilities for a point release. I put together an informative post on the new features, which should be helpful for anyone trying to come up to speed on the new release quickly.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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Im not trolling but really the new controls are still in preview so we have to wait JavaFX 2 for the stable ones?, They released first the TV stuff than the constrols, What about all the enterprise development that they would like to use JavaFX, TV stuff for what? nobody using JavaFX for TV or even mobile, We need something that really replaces Swing but with the features of Silverlight/Flash, What a failure. Already 3 years with JavaFX marketing but it seems does not take off.

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cwrighta70 replied ago:

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The controls featured in Stephen's blog post above (ChoiceBox, PasswordBox, Separator, ScrollView, etc) are all part of the javafx.scene.control package, not preview. However, as he noted at the end of the post, there are a number of new controls that are still being tweaked, but are available through the com.javafx.preview.control package of the API.

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Gregg Bolinger replied ago:

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And still no DataGrid control.

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eveconsult2 replied ago:

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well, there is always C++)

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sakuraba replied ago:

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How would I actually run that stuff on my TV? Do I literally put class files on a usb stick and copy them there or what is the procedure?

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