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I'm still very thrilled about JavaFX -- don't get me wrong, but I'm and more and more disappointed too.

Posted by michaelhuettermann  |   Dec 30 2008 / 00:34

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Miloskov replied ago:

I'm agree with this article, I'm trying to get into JavaFX but everytime I use it it feels an alpha stage software without proper tools, it is slow, it is full of flaws and bugs, About bugs I remember that Swing still have bugs since the 90's and SUN never patched those. Also the interoperability of JavaFX with Java sucks, There is not something like AMF as with Flex for high performance communication protocol. Anyway I will continue to give a try to JavaFX but me too everytime Im more disappointed.

This is actually a whole new product hyped with marketing for SUN to get attention because they ware doing pretty bad this last years.

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