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By dlamotta
Published: Nov 01 2012 / 11:44

Lienzo is a structured graphics toolkit based on HTML5's Canvas, implemented in GWT. The power of Canvas is now brought to the Java world so that Canvas-based apps can be written for mobile devices (thanks to Emitrom's Cordova binding in Java), web apps, and desktop apps. Never has the adage of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" been truer than today. With virtually no changes, your code can run in all spaces, unscathed. Lienzo is licensed under the Apache 2 license, which means it is free for commercial use. Currently in alpha stage, Lienzo is poised to get some really cool features before it goes GA. Get it today, and help us shape the future!
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David La Motta replied ago:

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And here is a super simple Hello World tutorial to get you started!

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

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so yet another F. framework

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David La Motta replied ago:

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@infovation_softwares it is not just another framework, it is THE framework ;-)

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Asmodai replied ago:

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Sure, there other Canvas frameworks, ( and SVG, via Raphael ) but all of them are bindings to JavaScript underneath, which I believe is not as good ( in many ways ) as pure GWT.... GWT's compiler can do amazing things in optimization, and downloaded file size. Not to mention Emitrom has a history of releasing quality frameworks. Plus, the major two engineers working on this have a combined experience in structured graphics of 50 years, so I expect the feature set to quite surpass the others in the GA release. This is alpha 1

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