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By Mighty Buxx
Published: May 24 2013 / 16:09

Atlassian spent almost a year on improving JIRA project management tool. What has been done and what was expected for 6.0 version?
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minisu replied ago:

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That review was a complete piece of crap. He keeps referring to how great a tool called Askcow is when doing this JIRA review. Problem is that, on his blog, the presentation says "[...] askcow groupware evangelist" and the "My website" link goes to "First, and this gap is the most critical, you have to constantly press F5 and reload the page of your browser in order to see updates in lists and tasks. [...] This is an annoying and time-wasting problem, especially, when you worked in askcow at least once." Not true at all? Was true for JIRA 3, but this is JIRA 6... "Another important disadvantage of JIRA tool [...] is in absence of tree of tasks. This also relates to Basecamp, Asana and Trello, for example. [...] Why do I need tags, instead of usual search? Look at askcow!" Tree view of issues -- I haven't seen a single issue tracking system that has this, but sure... If it's important to him. Also, JIRA has search -- what point is he trying to make in that last sentence!?

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Mighty Buxx replied ago:

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Anyway, I didn't get the point of your comment. Do I have to constantly press F5 in 6.0 version? Definitely. Do JIRA has no tree for taks? Sure, it hasn't. Am I an askcow evangelist? Yes, I am, and for sure, I find askcow more comfortable than JIRA. All this is obvious and I didn't try to hide it. Maybe you want to say that lack of information about updates inside your tasks is a nice thing, which developers have to implement everywhere? Of course, not. Remove this functionality from Facebook, for example, and this transform this tool of interaction into an ordinary image board. Why people like Asana or RememberTheMilk? Because you haven't guess, whether new task for you is set by pressing F5 constantly, or switch to your e-mail for notification letters. This annoys me in JIRA, so why I have to stand still, when there are tools for online collaboration, which elegantly resolve this problem? You also mentioned tree of task, and told that you haven't seen a system of such type. You also added that this issue has importance for me only, as I get your point. Please, check FogBugz or Wrike, where this piece functionality is implemented. You'll be astonished, how easily you can manage your activities inside complex projects where deep decomposition of tasks is needed. And, of course, many of these systems' users share my opinion too. Definitely, I didn't want to say that JIRA hasn't a search. Sure it has, and probably currently it is better than in askcow. JIRA is a complex bug tracker. It resolves this specific task suitably and even with dignity. But I'm strictly against using JIRA as a project management tool for complex issues.

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