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This talk lets 4 frameworks compete for the title of fastest and most scalable java web framework: JSF, GWT, SpringMVC and Wicket. You’ll gain the necessary insights to build a performance model, define a method to perform and interpret the tests and we will look beyond raw response times alone. So you will be armed when having to respond to the ‘how do we scale’ question next time.

Posted by martinig  |   Feb 12 2013 / 09:33

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

Try your Luck with Lift, Oh wait , that will prove that most are fools.

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agnus replied ago:

Here is a short summary for the 1 hour video. Spring MVC and GWT lead the pack by a huge margin in performance. No wonder they are my favorite web frameworks :)

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henk replied ago:

Not entirely true. The JMeter test are only testing the response time from the server, NOT, and I repeat NOT the actual rendering. GWT has to do a TON of more rendering than JSF and Wicket, but JMeter isn't testing that. Even worse, since GWT is essentially a client-side framework, the test is not testing GWT at all. It's testing whatever is serving up that JSON response, which could be JAX-RS. Now the presentation goes into this "detail", and at ~46:00 you'll see that JSF and Wicket are FASTER than GWT below the ~30 threads. Above that GWT is faster, but ever so slightly. Not by a "huge margin". Comparing JSF to Wicket, then we'll see JSF is slightly faster but the difference is really minor. For all practical intends and purposes those two are exactly as fast.

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

no wonder GWT was dumped by Goog, it went too far trying to be innovative

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