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By mitchp
Published: Dec 13 2012 / 08:53

JSLint and the popular fork of it, JSHint, seem to be proud of the fact that they will "hurt your feelings". Well that's OK, but it would be nice if it made it a bit clearer why they were hurting them.
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tingyuya replied ago:

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tingyuya replied ago:

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China Batteries-Power-Supplies manufacturers for global buyers, find Batteries-Power-Supplies china manufacturers ,suppliers, products at IBUonline.  Ibuonline car electronics car waxing method to teach you the skills   During the National Day this year car free of charge, many car owners choose self-driving travel trip vacation, along with, 4S stores after sale service is also a long queue, many owners anxiously waiting for repair and maintenance. In fact, some maintenance project oneself can begin, can save a provincecar electronics.   Tire pressure detection   Recommended index:★★★★★   Check tyre pressure is each time the 4S shop maintenance and long before the detection for a project, the fact of their operation is also very convenient. The valve core of the lid, the tire pressure gauge interface with the valve core docking, hold for 1-2 seconds after the tire pressure table will display the current pressure, under normal circumstances, the tire pressure is maintained in the 2.2-2.3 is most appropriate.   Replacement of the glass of water   Recommended index:★★★★★   Believe that the replacement of glass water to 4S shop for friends and few, if you're in the minority list that should note, this is a very simple work, when the glass less water can not be normal when sprayed out, buy a bottle of glass of water, open hood, on the left to find a marked glass and water spray Logo Cap ( usually blue or yellow ), glass water into the can.   Change wiper   Recommended index:★ ★★ ★ ☆   Wiper blade as a consumption of accessories, there is no clear replacement time, but according to conventional cars, one or two years will need to be replaced. Because after two seasons, rain erosion and temperature difference on rubber material effects, wipers tend to appear abnormal sound, scraping clean, if so, we proved that the wiper will need to be replaced.   Currently available on the wiper replacement method is not uniform, but most models of the installation form similar, central location has a clip, after pressing down pat the wiper is naturally fall off, the operation is simple. Method of mounting same, the slots are aligned to each other, outward pull.   Replacement air filter   Recommended index:★★★☆☆   Most models of the air filter change interval is 1 years, and of course under the environment of different car vehicle required according to their own situation to make the adjustment. Apart from a few models due to mounting position led to replace the difficulties, many models are available to replace air filter.   Should first understand their own vehicle air filter location, we can from the vehicle using manual or the 4S shop to get an answer, the general vehicle air filter in the bottom centre console ( or set ). During the replacement of nothing, is nothing more than a shell will filter out disassembled and replaced with new, because each car air filter in different position, disassembly method also is different, but note that some vehicle disassembly process should follow a fixed order or need some tools and techniques, we can in the maintenance consultant according to the regular way home, try a few more times.   Using this method the owner can periodically check the parts, when the air filter is dirty but has not reached the replacement level, can be a simple cleaning, it is important to note, the air filter should not wash clean, otherwise the filter water is easy to soft rot. At the same time to buy new parts are in need of attention, to select a relatively formal accessories shop to purchase, or to save the few maintenance money to use a fake is not only a waste of money, on the vehicle and car person is a kind of loss.   Suggestion   Body waxing is yourself   The wax is good is bad has been a topic of debate, waxing can finish some dirty and oxide polishing, Qimian looks brighter. But at the same time theoretically waxing does paint damage, but along with the automobile cosmetology industry development, today the car wax products have been different from before, to paint damage also greatly weakened, not as long as the use of substandard products too frequent waxing, and damage to the paint can be ignored.   The reporter understands, regular waxing method is in a relatively closed room first thoroughly wash, followed in the same place for waxing, and professional staff with professional polishing machine operation is carried out, and his waxed effect will be much worse, so to the project owners to professional advice beauty shop or 4S shop. In addition, the replacement of oil operation is very simple, but needs to be built out of the vehicle when the replacement of old oil facilities, for a certain request, therefore do not recommend changing.   This article from the ibuonline car electronics, read more: ibuonline Industrial Machinery, ibuonline Material Handling & Construction Machinery

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