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By jettro
Published: Apr 18 2011 / 15:32

For projects and for some experiments I want to get a better way to do server push. With the new HTML 5 becoming the standard and therefore WebSockets becoming available in all mayor browsers, it seems that WebSockets is the way forward. A very nice implementation of WebSockets that is backwards compatible with older browsers is available through This is a Node.js library. Node.js brings JavaScript to the server. If you are as sceptic about this as I was, stay with me, you will like it after trying. Within this blog post I want to share some of the things I learned while creating a sample application. The sample shows twitter integration for authentication, server push in a chat application that also shows the other persons that are online. The most important node.js libraries I use in the sample are: expressjs,, node-oauth, connect, jade and sass
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Tony Lukasavage replied ago:

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Serious, non-inciting question: Is there anyone who isn't a web dev that thinks Node.js is a good idea?

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Jettro Coenradie replied ago:

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Not sure what you mean with à web developer. But i have been an enterprise java developer for about 10 years. Actually i still am. I think there is room for node.js, just like there is room for rube, groovy or any other Language. Of course you have to think about when to use IT and for what reason.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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I tried to google for reason to even look at Node.js but not one is convincing enough.

It seems its only for those having hardcore Javascript coding experience.

But anyways , i am sure if its really worth it then some people will create a scala compiler to get output in minified Node.js

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