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By bloid
Published: Dec 16 2008 / 08:15

In this tip, you'll learn how to use Swing's progress indicator support to monitor and report on the progress of long-running operations. It is a good practice to keep users informed as they interact with an application; one way to do this is with a progress bar. A progress bar is an animated image that indicates the degree of completion of a given task. The animation typically looks like a rectangular bar that fills in as the task becomes more complete.
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osbald replied ago:

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Actually tried to submit a comment to this but can't get their feedback from to stop rejecting everything I type as "Your comment was marked as spam and will not be displayed. Comment contains blacklisted/ignored words". Can anybody get this to work?

Anyway what I wanted to ask was:

Notice your code modifies a number of unsynchronised fields in the CopyFiles object from a background thread but at the same time tries to access those same fields from the EDT thread in propertyChange(). Not a critical failure but is that entirely safe?

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osbald replied ago:

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Oh couple of hours after being rejected now my comments appear.. grr

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