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I depend on If This Then That (IFTTT) to move data around the cloud. I syndicate blog posts from API Evangelist to Blogger and Tumblr. This isn't just blind syndication, it is SEO and also plan B scenarios to make sure my content exists in multiple areas.

Posted by egregory  |   Apr 02 2013 / 13:23

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wizzardude replied ago:

I have played a little bit with Zapier, but honestly see no reason to not stay with IFTTT for the few dozen jobs I have running on it. I understand the interest in supporting the service you use, but paying for something does not inherently guarantee it will stay open, so the article starts on a false premise. A better question is that if you really want to manage all this stuff yourself and not rely on free services, why not just write some automation scripts/tools on a hosted server you pay for?

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