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You are starting with your New System, The windows has been successfully Installed and it’s ready to use. But, what you should have to install right after the Operating System? Just follow the list under. It has been compiled with an experience as a long time Windows users.

Posted by Kaostricks12  |   Sep 03 2013 / 01:49

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philho replied ago:

Some criticisms: - This is not specified in the title, but this is Windows only... A new computer doesn't necessarily have Windows installed! - 7-Zip should be the first of the list... At least, that's the first one I install, because lot of small utilities comes as zip files, and I hate the Windows interface to them (I deactivate it as soon as I can). - iTune as must have? Ewww... Well, if you have an iDevice, why not. But given I have most of the listed softwares on my computers (home and work), I suppose I agree with the list! ;-) I would also add IrfanView (still lightweight, fast and poweful), Foxit Reader (much lighter than Adobe Reader; tried alternative, came back to Foxit), Foobar 2000 (good playlist management; I use VLC only to play a single new file), Thunderbird (I don't like online mail readers), and RssBandit (the demise of Google Reader shows the fragility of online tools... :-)). And some small freewares I elected: SlickRun (fast launch), CLCL (clipboard manager), VirtuaWin (multiple desktop). For drawing, I prefer Gimp, heavy and not so intuitive, but powerful. And Inkscape for vector drawing. Name dropping: Babel for Unicode lovers, Zoom+ as a loupe, WinAlarm to get alerts, SpeQ as calculator. I almost FileMenu Tools (integration to Explorer), Flexible Renamer, Sysinternal's tools. And my editor of choice is SciTE, lighter than Notepad++ (same engine behind them).

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