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Community sticks up for developer whose open source code was publicly mocked on Twitter.

Posted by elliotjbentley  |   Jan 25 2013 / 10:01

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euwe replied ago:

Revel in your power!

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dtinsley replied ago:

I guarantee mine is worse. It is like a whole raw chicken being thrown to alligators.

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devent replied ago:

What a waste of time the article. So a few people make some stupid rant about some ones code, who cares. I go to the article expecting to read some insightful stuff about bad code but all I get is some Twitter snippets about some ones code. If you post your code public on Github you need to take into account that some ones will discuss your code. So they don't like your code and rant it about it to their friends. Since you have to follow a particular person to read his or her Twitter messages, it's not really a public forum. So who cares what people are sending their friends. I could write an email to my friends that I don't like the harthur/replace code, do I need to apologise for it?

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