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By mswatcher
Published: Jul 24 2010 / 12:05

Here are a lot of weird things which MySQL does to handle its mix of transactional and non-transactional behaviour, but this one was new to me
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alien3d replied ago:

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alien3d replied ago:

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Maybe i need to collabrate futher for the negative voter.
For logging purpose.
1.Mysql myisam don't have transaction.
2.Innodb have transaction
3.In my code,all sql will be logged to the myisam table.The reason was myisam don't have transaction.If i put in innodb table.It wouldn't put in the table.
For reporting purpose
1.Myisam much faster on data mining.

Used the right tools for the right development. It's basic rule for programmer.

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secci replied ago:

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i just love the title... i've thought that a few times myself.

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aionescu replied ago:

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> MySQL, what are you smoking?
Some SQL join(t)?

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