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After many delays, we have released FindBugs 2.0. We are pretty happy and confident about the functionality, although we know the documentation of the changes in 2.0 is lacking. We decided that releasing 2.0 took precedence over fixing the documentation. Anyone currently using FindBugs 1.3.9 should find FindBugs 2.0 to largely be a drop-in replacement that offers better accuracy and performance. [ * ] FindBugs 2.0

Posted by dev.stonez  |   Dec 22 2011 / 23:39

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henk replied ago:

This little tool should be mandatory everywhere. Oracle should not hand out SCJP certificates without people having learned about this tool. No Java programmer should be hired that doesn't know and use this tool.

Governments should spot check places where code is written to see if this tool is used, and if not people should be forbidden from writing Java code again .


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Jonathan Fisher replied ago:

Need the Maven plugin updated!!!

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