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By sharrissf
Published: Oct 29 2007 / 09:15

I have liked Mac's for as long as they have had OS X, didn't like them before that. Over 50 percent our Development/Field Eng team, have a mac. Hate too have to say good bye to them but...
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mutle replied ago:

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if you love your macbook pro, why don't you run java under windows or linux on the mbp? it is just annoying to see 100 million blog posts with the same content. i think everyone knows by now that the java scene is upset, but java is just not a high priority for apple. and they have to do it all on their own, so give them some time.

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cuncurrency replied ago:

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Dear mutle,
Apple was indeed willing to support and make the best platform for Java developers (word of iJobs)!
As i was explaining to the apple forum yesterday (before they removed the topic), for Mac user doesn't make sense to use a Macintosh to run 95% of the day Linux or Solaris to deploy Java apps.... c'mon this is ridiculous.
On top of that I wish didn't order Leopard, so i could've spared £139 british pound, i just feel being ripped off.

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bw78245 replied ago:

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The reason 100 million blog posts are needed is because thats what it takes to get media attention which is the only thing that gets Jobs' attention. If the "King of France" would let us eat cake (and drink Java), we wouldn't be so revolting.

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