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Over the years a lot of highly influential people have dropped the phrase “Everyone Should Learn Programming” and recently some very successful people in software companies made a video called “What most schools don’t teach”. While this video is spot on there seem to be a lot of confusion between learning programming and pursuing programming as a profession.

Posted by dotCore  |   Mar 23 2013 / 04:01

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devdanke replied ago:

Should every one also be required to learn to rebuild a car engine, do minor surgery, build a working electronic circuit board, swim, play a musical instrument, conduct and write up a scientific experiment, speak a foreign language, read all the 'classic' books, live in the wild for 3 days with nothing but a match and pocket knife, live off the food they grow in their own garden, etc.? Any article with "should" in the title is stupid and written by a narrow minded person with a big ego. Please spare us your "shoulds". Take care of your own life and let other people decide how to best live their life.

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eelmore replied ago:

Perform surgery? No, but every person should understand a little bit about their own health. Rebuild a car engine? No, but every person who drives should know a little bit about how a car works. Live in the wild? No, but every person should understand what their own basic needs are. Read all the classics? Yes. Should every person be a career programmer? No, but that's not what the article says, now is it? Every person who uses a computer should probably learn a bit about how software works and that's what he was saying.

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