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Oracle is releasing Oracle ADF Essentials - a free to develop and deploy version of the core technologies at the base of Oracle ADF – Oracle’s strategic development framework that was used, among other things, to build the new generation of the enterprise Oracle Fusion Applications. Including Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client components, Oracle ADF Controller, Oracle ADF Binding, amd Oracle ADF Business Components.

Posted by gevatron  |   Sep 24 2012 / 09:17

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dxxvi replied ago:

I never use Oracle ADF, so I'd like to know which features of the Oracle ADF are not free.

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gevatron replied ago:

>>which features of the Oracle ADF are not free. You get all you need to build a Web application with ADF Essentials. The "full" Oracle ADF will add some "enterprise" features related to Fusion Middleware such as integration with SOA and WebCenter and security. For more info see this matrix:

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Jonathan Cone replied ago:

It would appear to the casual observer that the entire ADF development team created DZone accounts just to upvote this link.

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henk replied ago:

As I replied in one of the other news postings about this: "Never tried ADF really, as I'm not being a huge fan of closed source software. But I'm curious though. It at least runs on GlassFish now and WebLogic -is- downloadable for free. I do wonder about the connection with Trinidad. Do the projects exchange code still, or was it a one-time donation and have the projects since branched in totally different directions?"

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gevatron replied ago:

Trinidad provides some base classes to ADF Faces - but the functionality that is provided by ADF Faces is far more rich and attractive. Oracle still contributes code and fixes things in Trinidad.

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gcameo replied ago:

Thank you to Oracle. Now you are proving to all the doubters that you are really up for the Stewardship job. ADF reminds me of Woodstock components by sun.

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