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By mswatcher
Published: Aug 07 2014 / 14:39

Java core has stagnated, Java EE is dead, and Spring is over, but the JVM marches on. C'mon Oracle, where are the big ideas?
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rrahman replied ago:

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It seems to me what is really dead is InfoWorld. These days the only way they can get any readership is through lame click/flame bait (and even that only works half the time it seems). Java, Java EE and Spring are doing just fine, thank you very much.

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matthewwerny replied ago:

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Agreed. InfoWorld is blowing smoke.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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InfoWorld, Sure they smoking something, but Oracle have a lot of fault too. Thats why all our web development we are moving to node.js and javascript. Javascript by no means is the best language but it works, it is a standard and is everywhere. node.js its open source, scalable, performant what else we need. I guess java ecosystem as we all know now will change and I agree their days are numbered. The last nail in the coffin is Android, If Google starts to support other language than Java on Android thats the last to blow Java ecosystem, but all this is Oracle Fault believe it or not.

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moo replied ago:

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I've got to say, I kind of agree with the author. Java is coasting with just inertial keeping it going. Innovation is happening elsewhere.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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As the article there is some true happening there but is not to late to move forward Java ecosystem.

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dador92 replied ago:

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If Java is dead, then what is taking its place? In the absence of a replacement, I see Java continuing to expand it's hold on the server space, and holding its own on the client/device. All these chips (finally) being embedded in US credit cards run Java. Further, Java is decently poised to make an impact on smart devices comprising the internet of things. So it's silly to call Java dead. By the way, Java SE 8 released some of the most exciting updates to Java in a decade. Same for Java EE 77 and its enterprise APIs. The big issue here has been the slowness of industry adoption. Yet with the pile of new enhancements, time will be needed to absorb them all into Java products.

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