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By jlweaver
Published: Jan 27 2010 / 20:26

Today was a busy interesting day for lots of my fellow geeks (like you, perhaps) in that I found myself listening to two webcasts at the same time: The Apple iPad announcement, and the Oracle/Sun Strategy announcements. Being a JavaFX developer, I was particularly interested in the extent to which Oracle is going to embrace JavaFX (and how much crow I would have to eat from my April 21, 2009 What, Me Worry post).
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Miloskov replied ago:

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I post the same comment in Jim's blog but what if Oracle does not get a profit soon with JavaFX do you think they will drop it?, Oracle is a very propetary and comercial company. If that happend to Java well we can all depend on OpenJDK and there is no problem but JavaFX there is not an opensource implementation or anything like that.

I will add to a 4th point to jim's list is create a RI JavaFX opensource and cummunity free or ala JCP implementation. If they dont do that we can loose JavaFX in any minute. That I think is a big risk.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Use Apache Pivot instead,

if only sun had created pivot 10 years ago then .....

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Hey I didnt know about Apache Pivot and I went to the website and read the tutorials and try the examples and looks very very promising, It is awesome!.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Im still looking at apache pivot and really it is the RIA solution for Java developers. I dont need to learn a new language, I can use plain Java as Swing or I can use xml or javascript as an option for declarative. Have effetcs, lots of components, drawing and much more that even JavaFX still not have yet.

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nmatrix9 replied ago:

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RawThinkTank, I was about to say exact same thing. Pivot is at 1.4 I think and it simply kicks JavaFX's ass. It is unbelievable that Pivot is not being touted more.

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freq47 replied ago:

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Even though pivots rocks, and it does, doesn't negate javafx, any more than photoshop negates the gimp, and especially doesn't negate the quality of this post, I would give two vote ups if I could, and I love Apache's pivot.

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