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When senior management insisted on outsourcing part of the work, the PM and developers had no choice but to accept the work and do a re-write on all work received. Sending it back and dealing with that iteration would have been more work than a re-write.

Posted by AmberShah  |   Jul 04 2010 / 09:55

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Paritosh Ranjan replied ago:

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ravuribabu replied ago:

Why is that every time somebody posts negative things about outsourcing, it gets lot of +ve votes (pretty quickly).

I just doubt that western management (with all their Ivy League MBAs) is so stupid to pour $70B-100B ( per annum ) only into India if it was not working.

I think these kind of posts are totally pointless, since a good percentage of all IT projects fail all the time and there is no research study to support this argument.

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