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By skoop
Published: Aug 10 2007 / 09:08

I’m starting a new job soon and I’ll be working primarily with PHP. Since I’ve been a rubyist for the last 2 years I’m looking at PHP from a Rails development perspective. Before working exclusively with Ruby I hung onto to PHP (because of the project I was working on) by porting Rails bits to PHP. I eventually gave up on porting Rails to PHP after my project’s funding was cut.
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fredbh replied ago:

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There is another one, MyActiveRecord to php+mysql
its cool

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bmharris replied ago:

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The whole static methods and inheritance in PHP is a bit of a bother, but its the language. To bypass the problem described in the article where Person extends Base, and Base has a find(id) method, in order to do Person::find(id), Person just needs to implement find, and call parent::find(__CLASS__, id), and change Base::find to accept the class, and be protected. Not as elegant as Ruby, or Java, but not horrible.

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joshdavey replied ago:

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Check out Madeam's activeRecord pattern. It doesn't use static methods but does take advantage of magic methods, reflection and method chaining.

Typical Model in Madeam:
class articleModel extends madeamActiveRecord {
var $has_many_comments;
var $has_one_user;

var $validate_title_is_notempty = array('message' => 'Please fill in the title');

Use of the model in a controller. (Note there is no "loading" of models! They are loaded dynamically into the controller when you use them.

// return all articles
$this->Article->order('id DESC')->fields('title', 'id', 'body')->limit(25)->find_all();

// limit the number of articles returned after finding an article

How sweet is that? check it out:


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