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By CodeJustin
Published: Feb 16 2010 / 10:46

To anyone learning PHP, using a database engine like MySQL is a topic that's bound to come up at some point in time - for most large sites operate using these two systems. This tutorial, or perhaps series, is/are not beginner's tutorials, they assume you have at least a minimal knowledge of how to make a simple SELECT query. These are more focused on improving your knowledge of PHP and a database engine. This tutorial, part 1, will be covering some "best practices" or maybe just "conventional practices".
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OIS replied ago:

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Use function htmlentities to escape strings for sql? Connecting and disconnecting to the DB for every query?

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dneuge replied ago:

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Sometimes I wonder if such tutorials are just being written to poison everything... Not the first disastrous tutorial that appears here.

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antych replied ago:

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90' called, want their code back

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Genjii931 replied ago:

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link requires registration :(

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brunocassol replied ago:

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For the sake of PHP, please someone remove this.

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cstrosser replied ago:

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Requires registration...

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TheCodeCube replied ago:

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Link does not require registration - thecodecube hasn't required registration for over a year! ;)
No, the tutorial was removed the next day by request of the author.

We're sorry for the inconvenience - we didn't notice this link until now, the tutorial no longer exists - this link should be deleted.

Thank you, TCC-ITC Team

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