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By egenesky
Published: Feb 24 2013 / 09:03

Let’s be honest: a great many of us are tired of seeing the same old Twitter Bootstrap theme again and again. Twitter Bootstrap’s success has turned it into the Times New Roman of design.
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eggbert replied ago:

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Sorry, I'll continue using it. I think bootstrap is a great thing because it brings much needed consistency to the web. Frankly, I am sick of what people who call themselves "creatives" have turned the web into. It's a mess. You would not expect desktop apps to look radically different, so why do we expect this of web sites? Web "design" today is nothing more than an evolution of what we had in mid 90s blink tags and animated gifs you'd find on geocities. Here's a tip... it's not impressive, and it ususally looks like shit. Please spare me the pretty colors and half-baked layouts and give me consistency. The only people who care about "design" are designers and the people paying for the design. Everyone else just wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Give users a clear, consistent, usable interface and they'll be happy.

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chaves replied ago:

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Don't fully agree but it is worth a read.

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alien3d replied ago:

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So what if i wanted to use twitter boostrap as official design, it much lighweight compared to extjs aka sencha.. Admin panel, you think every make the same one.. That's the most difficult part creating a admin panel.. seem like easy so i think you're just a designer nor programmer .

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John Munsch replied ago:

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I'm not going to vote down or up on this, I understand the complaint. However, let me say that for many projects that any impediment to getting a first version out the door will prevent them from _ever_ getting something out the door. For Twitter Bootstrap to be used on the 1.0 or minimum viable product release is absolutely fine in my opinion. Then after a few months then it should be treated like a new feature or technical debt. It should be replaced with something tailor made for your particular project when it's turn comes up in the priorities (and that priority cannot forever be shuttled to the bottom).

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