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By egregory
Published: Sep 12 2012 / 16:48

With its version 9.2 release, PostgreSQL is gaining long-awaited features like native JSON support, as well as increases to speed and scalability.
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craig081785 replied ago:

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We've been pretty excited about this release to come for some time at Heroku as its loaded with great features. In addition to the JSON datatype here's a bit of a longer list of features that are pretty noteworthy in the release: - Allow libpq connection strings to have the format of a URI - Add a JSON data type - Allow the planner to generate custom plans for specific parameter values even when using prepared statements - Add the SP-GiST (Space-Partitioned GiST) index access method - Add support for range data types - Cancel queries if clients get disconnected - Add CONCURRENTLY option to DROP INDEX - Add a tcn (triggered change notification) module to generate NOTIFY events on table changes - Allow pg_stat_statements to aggregate similar queries via SQL - text normalization. Users with applications that use non-parameterized SQL will now be able to monitor query performance without detailed log analysis.

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Jacek replied ago:

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Oracle, time to get worried. We are already planning to migrate from Oracle/MySQL to PostgreSQL in the next 3-4 months. Moving from Oracle to PgSQL is trivial in most cases.

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