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The last couple of days have been quite an entertaining firestorm of press and blog-o-sphere commentary. Lots of questions were brought up that give me a bottomless supply of blog topics. I hope I have the common sense to not write on most of them :-)

Posted by mitchp  |   Aug 16 2010 / 03:42

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stimpy77 replied ago:

Cool post, I'm sure. Too bad I can't get to it. (Server must be overwhelmed.)

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Topnotch replied ago:

Yep this isn't the first time Gosling's site has been overwhelmed either, but he hasn't bothered to beef up his site to handle traffic spikes at all. Surprising outcome considering he is the Java language designer. I expected to see him handle those kind of issues.

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zynasis replied ago:

try it again, it's up now

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schrepfler replied ago:

Or maybe he had to pull it down, no cache either, mirrors?

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Miloskov replied ago:

This is getting more bad I think (Someone commented on Charles Nutter blog a friend that work for Oracle said) "Larry Ellison does not give a sh*t about Java developers and the Java community.He just cash cow Java in the short term and control competition". What a bizarre world, I dont want to live anymore with that. If apple was getting super Villain, Oracle and Larry are worst than Apple or Microsoft. Im so pissed to see how Java is falling and the sun already set off.

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mezmo replied ago:

This probably won't get too much traction, as its a sane voice in the woods. It also doesn't change my opinion that Google should counter-sue, accept donations from "friends of Android" and raze them to the ground, then salt the earth they stood on. Hm, maybe my medications need adjusting again. ;)

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zynasis replied ago:

i find oil keeps the weeds from growing back better than salt

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