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By mitchp
Published: Dec 30 2010 / 14:29

Meanwhile I am looking back to more than 25 years of programming, and more than a decade I spent in a very sensible area where quality (in the sense of zero failures) plays a big role. So call me "sensible" for quality. For long years "we" (i. e. developers) had hard work to do using simple command lines tools like vi etc., but meanwhile there are great, even free, tools making our lives much easier. So one should think that the freed time was spent into quality. The reverse is the case. The more I look at professional software products, the more I see, sorry to be rude, simply: crap!
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Tony Lukasavage replied ago:

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I voted it up for the sentiment, but that mantra does not always apply. As others said in the article's comments, the market demands speed in many areas. Companies like Google have made good (and bad) use of the "beta" moniker. I think Tweetdeck, the most popular twitter app out there is still condered beta.

Mobile and enterprise development I agree completely, but other than that, I still believe release early, release often is the road to success. Release late, release rarely is a chant only as powerful as the executives in charge will allow it to be.

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fredjean replied ago:

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See my reply on

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Erik van Oosten replied ago:

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Voted up because its interesting. Unfortunately, not everybody is after quality though. You can make a lot of money with mediocre stuff.

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Kent Tong replied ago:

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While I agree to the author's commitment to quality, but if we are locked into a room to program without getting customer feedback frequently, we will build a product right (with few bugs), but not a right product (the customers want). This is not quality is really about.

In addition, we can and should good programmers who care about quality no mater where they are based. This has nothing to do with outsourcing or offshoring.

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