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I’ve been doing Ruby on Rails for more than 2 years now. Over a year ago, I went Java and .Net free, throwing myself head first into Ruby and Rails. During that time, I’ve been focusing on building a comprehensive next generation product, that is entirely web based and founded upon the principles of Resource Oriented Architecture. But after expending two years of unwavering effort, I’ve decided to throw the towel in and switch back to developing in Assembler.

Posted by bloid  |   Sep 27 2007 / 09:22

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yumariso replied ago:

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egze replied ago:

Hilarious parody :)

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ozgezer replied ago:

this can't be serious!

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rick replied ago:

Oh, c'mon! This couldn't be more obviously tongue-in-cheek, and I personally laughed out loud when I saw the headline. This is precious.

If any of us isn't picking up on the humor in this, then it's probably time for a Coke and a smile :)


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daniel replied ago:

Nice. :-)

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rubyminer replied ago:

Hillarious... LMAO.

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pkpatel88 replied ago:


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raveman replied ago:

Assembler is making comeback, you will see!

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anamanaman replied ago:

Most of you already know... but here's the original article this one is making fun of

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sfranklyn replied ago:

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peimei replied ago:


p.s. If you don't find this funny you must be a whale :)

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