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By dotCore
Published: Dec 05 2013 / 07:25

With Scala you feel smart having just got something to work in a beautiful way but when you look around the room to tell your clojure colleague how clever you are, you notice he left 3 hours ago and there is a post-it saying use a Map.
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dxxvi replied ago:

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I will trade my Java job for your Scala job if it's possible.

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darkfrog replied ago:

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It seems fairly obvious that this developer's gripes were mostly centered around his incompetence and ignorance rather than a deficiency in Scala itself. For example, the claim that it took a minute and twenty seconds to run tests is just ridiculous unless he's on a 286 machine. I work in Scala projects with hundreds of thousands of lines of code and run tests incredibly frequently. I would never get anything done if it took even a fraction of that time to build and run my tests.

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