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Having now worked a fair amount with Scala, I can now unequivocally make this assertion: Scala is not a functional programming language. It is a statically typed object oriented language with closures. So, I’d appreciate it if people would stop the bogus sales pitch.

Posted by aalmiray  |   May 15 2009 / 03:31

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

There is absolutely no doubt that some DARK Forces are promoting scala and heading the dumbo masses of sheeple to nowhere.

This is a conspiracy to kill Java.

Those closures SUCK BIG TIME man.

JAVA Lives , its immortal.

If U kill Java, i will create a better Open Java based on Open Processor specifications, After that you will regret killing Java.

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jfpoilpret replied ago:

The author seems to be willing to troll around. Reading this post (and the numerous comments) is a big waste of time. If you don't like Scala, don't use it, but don't assert statements to have people hit your blog.

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vyadh replied ago:

...and the examples given in Scala seem to be most verbose way of writing it possible. Obviously the author has made up his mind, and cherry picks code syntax to "prove" it.

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