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By sdavidr
Published: Nov 02 2010 / 09:23

Be prepared before you read this article. How can you turn continuing coding in Java while in other languages like Scala can simplify patterns in a single Class. In this example, the factory pattern is presented in Scala. There will a before and after in your mind questioning so many things... time, effort, size of your project code.... Are you ready?
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Mahoney replied ago:

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Hmm... I'm a Scala fan, but you can easily implement that factory in a single file in Java, too, using private static inner classes and a couple of static factory methods. Frankly there's not that much to choose between the two implementations; the overriding of a method with a constant and the lack of boilerplate around using the constructor arguments is about as nice as it gets. This particular example is a nice accessible introduction to Scala, but as an advert I doubt it will have anyone running to use it ahead of Java.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Scala is not the future, its just an intermediary that directs evolution of C like languages to their next variations. Scala is a FP scam.

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