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By bonlebon
Published: Mar 11 2007 / 17:49

This site is dedicated to showing demonstrative videos produced by our community. For many subjects seeing something done is the most effective way to learn, whether it's peering over an expert's shoulder while they explain how to program or watching while someone grinds beans and makes coffee. Please watch, learn and perhaps share your knowledge back.
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ellion replied ago:

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As usual I have to complain about something :D
The layout is butt-ugly and flipping a W to look like an M is a typographical nightmare. A typographer would punch you for that!

But: The content seems pretty good, therefore: dug... er... dzoned :)

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ianATshowmedo replied ago:

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Hi ellion. Aww, come on, don't diss our design, we worked hard on that. Yes, we're not designers, we're growing everything from the ground-up. Our money is spent on our time, rather than going outside to a designer, whilst we build up the first paid-for series which will be our income. We've started from humble beginnings :-)
Glad that you like the content (that's the important part!), we're always on the lookout for more. We certainly have more Python content on the way, including a second paid-for long Python Beginners series. Glen Moyes will be bringing more Blender content our way soon and we're always open to Java (and Ruby/Rails) submissions.
Just drop us a line...

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