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By mswatcher
Published: Nov 14 2012 / 16:18

Stephen Sinofsky’s departure from Microsoft was rather unexpected, but not unpleasant news, at least from my perspective as a business developer. Before I explain that, let me say that I really love Windows 7, and feel that it is the best version of Windows ever released. I also really like Windows 8, and have high hopes for its future. These successes are to Sinofsky’s credit to be sure. As a business developer however, I have been extremely disappointed in Microsoft over the past couple years as Sinofsky ‘flexed his muscles’ within the organization.
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Topnotch replied ago:

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Yep totally agree the hallmark of Sinofsky's leadership was mostly childish fights between the windows and developer divisions within Microsoft and total confusion and disarray for customers who make their living either developing for or using Microsoft products. The direction he was pushing of using HTML 5 and JavaScript to program Windows applications was insane, stupid and even suicidal for Microsoft as a company. If Ballmer pushed him to resign or be fired it was for good reason.

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eggbert replied ago:

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Could not care less about Microsoft. It's a has-been company. Win8 is a complete joke and I think they are pretty much coasting at this point on their enterprise users. (I mean, really, who even cares about windows anymore.. blehh) BUT. I will say that Sinofsky looks eerily similar to the Heaven's Gate cult leader!

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