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Posted by tallship  |   May 26 2011 / 18:56

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tallship replied ago:

Although there are other solutions which enable Gateways for skype, the aftermath of their *secure* communications debacles which led to the general realization that Skype does monitor your communications, it does hand over copies of your decrypted conversations to other interested parties, and trust in the product has therefore suffered dearly.

Alternatives to Skype include use of readily available free, open source software such as Jitsi, combined with Kamailio, which provides for secure, encrypted voice, video, text, and even screen sharing.

It is unfortunate that Skype chose to include Tom-Skype as one of their overseas products. People are at this very time imprisoned, and being tortured, as political prisoners because of such decisions.

Ours is not to judge, ours is to accommodate, and as geeks, when we tell a client we can provide them with a secure vehicle for private communications, the reasoning behind why they choose such privacy measures is not our concern.

Granted, Illegal activities, especially those of a subversive nature are often more than subjectivity on the providers part, yet this is where we must decide, on a country by country basis, whether we choose to agree with those political policies, and simply choose not to support or provide services there.

To say "We give you privacy", and then, as the provider of that service, subvert the very notions of what it is we've delivering, is reprehensible at best.

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