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Oh yeah, and every now and then … making phone calls. Here’s the reality.: The current and future generations of these devices are designed to do everything above really well and these are things the manufacturers have put a lot of time and effort into. Why? Because our modern form of communication has essentially, in some cases, eradicated the need to actually “call” someone or “talk” to them using your voice. Ask any parent with a teen or college-age child how often they actually talk to their children on the phone. For that matter ask any teen or college-age kid how often they actually use their phones to make phone calls. Add to this the fact that so many service industries have automated processes or apps that basically allow you to do things like call a cab, reserve a table or order food without calling anybody, you literally don’t have a need for it.

Posted by wsoprano  |   Nov 13 2012 / 10:16

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