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Free SQL Tutorial with exercises of different complexity to improve your skill in building SQL Data Manipulation Language statements under the control of a checking system. SQL DML certification.

Posted by SMMS  |   Dec 11 2006 / 07:00

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Alex77 replied ago:

This resource does really help in studying SQL.
A number of interactive exercises lead you from beginner to master.
You'll can solve any practice task if you pass through at least 100 exercises or so.
Excellent support is provided.

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Hardfun666 replied ago:

The BEST resource of ever I've seen at last 12 years. I'm sure that if you wish to learn SQL in maximum efficient way you have to go to this site and just solve their exersizes. Definitely good and stable knowledge of SQL will come to you after 2-3 monthes after beginning.

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User 338160 avatar replied ago:

It's not so easy to solve exersizes, but it's really usefull spend of time. Good knowledge of SQL as a result. Site contains a lot of interesting and unusual task for e.g. - prime numbers generation and etc.

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lil replied ago:

Wow. I like it. Close you twitter, facebook, etc. and try to solve exercises. You may spend a lot of time but not in vain.

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ssp replied ago:

Very good resource. Not only in learning SQL but also in rising your IQ level! Many hours of very interesting useful work, new knowledge, joy of decision, pride for yourself - what would be better!?

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kyrgyzbala replied ago:

If your work is very intensive and you don't have much spare time, DON'T GO THIS WAY!!!Because, after about a week you will realize that you are spending more than half of your time trying to solve problems, and will be punished by your boss :)

This site has some kind of narcotic effect, rising from the place, which is expressed by a 4 digit number to places expressed by 2 digit number will make you more and more dependent. As you solve problems, you will be very glad to go on to forum and read ALL the posts carefully. There will be very funny solutions as well as very genius ones. The forum is organized such that, you will see that you are far not the most stupid person on the site, but at the same time there are LOTS ans LOTS of thing for you to learn.

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borin replied ago:

very very motivating tool.
nice thing instead of conversation with candidates on job
just 'tell me what is you rate in sql-ex and i tell you your salary in our company' :-)

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leo_w replied ago:

It's a very useful site.
If You want to get SQL skills - this site is your way. You can find well structured theoretical information about SQL here.
If You want to improve your SQL skills - this site is your way. You can find sets of SQL exercises with different level of complexity.
If You want to confirm your SQL qualification - this site is your way. If You solve predefined quantity of SQL exercises You can get certificate
of two types - "Basic level" and "All Requirements". Any of these certificates may be useful to demonstrate you skills to your employer.
If You want to discuss own SQL solution along with solutions of other peoples - this site is your way. Site Forum is the place where you can
exchange your experience with other forum participants.
If You find it difficult to solve some exercises - you can get support from qualified SQL specialists.
So, this site have excellent idea and good implementation.

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mashik replied ago:

You can read a lot of books on SQL, but theory without practice is useless. This site is only place in internet were I could find SQL tasks. Not just SQL tasks, but great SQL tasks, intelligent and thoughtful.

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tvelykyy replied ago:

Great resource for all who want to improve their sql skills and have luck of brainstorming. I would say that exercises are divided into 2 parts: 1 sql learning, 2 advanced brainstorming using sql.
If you are looking for a new challenges - this site is really for you - go and complete all the exercises.

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User 955233 avatar replied ago:

I've passed the offered basic level certification. It's not an easy thing, I should say. It has taken several month to solve 84 exercises, but it is worth it! I've learned a lot.
The project team is friendly and helpful. One thing may upset foreign students — the quality of english texts is not always superb, though they work on its improvement.

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mutobor replied ago:

It is the best site for study SQL! It is have best support!

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a1qa_vangog replied ago:

Great site with included SQL tutorial and competitive online rating system! Theoretical knowledge without practical basement worths almost nothing, and on you can not only learn, but easyly and qiuckly acqiure all necessary practical skills. Highly recommended!

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IrishkaS replied ago:

It is very very useful site.

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