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By mswatcher
Published: Jun 14 2013 / 09:32

SQL is hard. Who's to say whether it's harder for the person that has no technical background or the one that is comfortable with object oriented, procedural, or functional styles and has to cross the great divide to set-based, declarative queries. In either case, there's a journey ahead of you.
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MCII replied ago:

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SQL is not hard compared to other challenges you have to master as software developer.

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devdanke replied ago:

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SQL can be learned and used quite effectively by non-technical business people. As a language, SQL is more consistent and less complex than most. Plus, it's one of the most universal languages ever. Most SQL statements run the same on Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL etc. SQL becomes difficult when you're using it on very large databases, trying to eek out the highest performance. But in these situations, either a skilled programmer or DBA is doing this work. For them, SQL is no harder than any other technology they use.

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sproketboy replied ago:

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It's only hard for those force fed ORMs without understanding the underpinnings of relational databases.

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