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By zafarluni
Published: Jul 23 2010 / 06:18

Stab is a multi-paradigm, type-safe programming language. It will be familiar to Java and C# programmers. The compiler produces Java bytecode. Stab integrates features like lambda expressions, iterator blocks, language integrated queries, and more. It can directly use any existing Java libraries, and libraries written in Stab are directly usable from Java
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shantanu_k06 replied ago:

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Does anybody know what are the concurrency and immutability features in Stab?

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devdanke replied ago:

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a programming language named "stab"? is this a joke or something?

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Dave Newton replied ago:

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Apparently ComplainAboutSomethingUseful was already taken.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Its Ludicrous to think about new language without GPGPU

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rv49649 replied ago:

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Why wasn't this approach taken years ago? Makes perfect sense. Implement the essence of C# language in an entirely Java compatible manner. Developers get a better language than Java (curing most of the problems with Java language that folks complain about) while enjoying full compatibility and interoperability with everything on the JVM. Even a library and its API could be written in Stab in a way that would be fully usable by Java programmers - with no impedance. Using Stab annotations, even checked exceptions could be sprinkled in if necessary.

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