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By mpcreation
Published: Jan 31 2010 / 07:48

Finally we heard from Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) what he have to say about lack of Flash on iPad
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Miloskov replied ago:

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Steve and the people against Flash are a bunch of dumbs. Flash player 10 is optimized to use the GPU pipeline so it releases the CPU usage. Flash player 10 is optimized for Mobile devices and in graphics and video is getting to advanced.

Steve is an arrogant SOB that dont want to allow Flash to iphone because he will loose control of the appstore. All this Apple stuff is because Money and not the technology.

HTML5 it will take years maybe 10 years to begin with.

The same story with Steve and Java and VM machines or dynamic languages.
Apple just want that users use their tools and languages objective-c and cocoa, appkit etc. They want to control users and developers. See the problems for many developers with the appstore they cant deploy their apps before apple aprove.

Apple and Steves are nuts really and they are only interested on your money not the users needs.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Folks also why bother with just apple, There are tons of mobile devices using windows, Linux, custom OS and Andriod that support Flash very well. In my PS3 and PSP I have flash on it. Also are coming Andriod MSI Tablet and HP tablets with support of Flash and much more. Apple it is not the ultimate, It just one more vendor that does not have a clue about what the users really needs.

I own an iMac and a mac laptop but Im not an apple fanboy or zealot, I know what I really need as a tablet or mobile device.

Let the iPad for the Apple fanboys.

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TroubleX replied ago:

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I think Steve's new liver has gone to his brain.

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