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Enterprises in cloud environments are mostly opting for open source Java app servers over commercial counterparts

Posted by rick  |   Jan 18 2012 / 09:39

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talvik replied ago:

Sensationalist title. The article only points the "incompatibility" of the current licensing model of enterprise software and cloud environments.

"...application server growth was more than 10 percent last year and sales of the WebSphere product line grew about 50 percent in the same period."
So growth in sales is an indicator of "open source hurts commercial software"?!

Just another weak article trying to pull page clicks, from places like Slashdot and Reddit.

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bpyne replied ago:

Something not mentioned is that product vendors may be hurt but the low cost of acquisition for open source software makes hosting possible. Recently I plunked down $5/mo. for a host with Tomcat (and various other platforms) for a sandbox environment. Had it been $20/mo. I probably would have gone the route of self-hosting. I'm very much looking forward to the day when my computer has nothing but a browser on it.

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devent replied ago:

Just don't mention the added value to commercial software developer that can take open source software and don't have to re-invent the wheel.

/irony How come that every commercial vendor can just take the Apache software and build new products with it? They should re-invent everything. That would spur the productivity of the I.T. industry, if everyone needs to re-invent app-servers.

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Jonathan Fisher replied ago:

If you've used WebSphere or WebLogic lately, you would want to switch to something else too. Both are basically turds, careful polished, then boxed neatly by hulking marketing machines.

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darkfrog replied ago:

It is also neglected that the majority of people are using Jetty, Tomcat, and Resin which are NOT J2EE servers, they are simple servlet containers. Most developers I know have made a conscious decision to avoid the bloat of a J2EE container.

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