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By alruiz15
Published: Nov 05 2008 / 17:37

Core Swing is in the process of being retired as a legacy UI technology inside Sun, and last week has marked another sad (yet expected) milestone. According to Jeanette Winzenburg’s post on the SwingLabs forum, Sun has stopped funding of the SwingX project.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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This will kill the best Multiplatform GUI framework that is right now, It is dumb what is doing SUN and promoting an ugly and stupid Javafx scripting language. Swing is Open Source? so we could continue to contribute and make Swing a better framework because SUN failed in that since the 90's.

I think Java is done for the client side, It is only a server side language, The only solutions for the client side I see is C++, C#.Net/WPF and maybe Python with a binding or Flex and Silverlight.

I think for the client and desktop development I will comeback to C++.

So long Swing, It was great all this years.

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zvikico replied ago:

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@OtengiM, you're missing out the better client side framework: SWT specifically and Eclipse RCP in general. IMHO, developing an application in Swing rather than SWT today is plain wrong.

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hohonuuli replied ago:

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Voted this down. Sun open-sourced Java; the door is open for developers to modify Swing. Pulling out of SwingX isn't going to kill Swing or it's development.

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