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Last month, the JPA 2.1 Expert Group sparked an interesting debate about the accessibility of the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for JSRs, which are used to verify implementations of specifications for accuracy. VMware's Oliver Gierke criticises the current practice - we spoke to him about the current situation and why he believes a transparent, open TCK process is the answer.

Posted by cmayerv1  |   Feb 20 2013 / 03:57

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henk replied ago:

This pretty much sums up everything that's still wrong with the JCP process. There have been amazing improvements, and the entire process is now very open and extremely accessible to community members, but the TCK issue remains a thorn that just HAS to be removed.

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jpox1 replied ago:

And if you look at the replies from Oracle (in the JPA2.1 EG) they seem to have no intention of doing anything about it; completely brainless (TM). FWIW JDO TCK was open since 2005 and I think that was the first.

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