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By khess
Published: Jul 25 2010 / 18:06

Now is a particularly good time to ditch Windows for good, for workstations as well as servers. For instance, now that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Server 2003 on July 13, you'll need to find something different to use for your servers. Whether it's switching from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 or to Linux-based servers--or changing out tired and faulty Windows Vista desktops for the alien Windows 7 or something more user-friendly--Linux provides you with freedom and freedom of choice.
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chahn replied ago:

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I prefer OS X to Linux, but agree that it is time to get away from Windows.

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zerolinesofcode replied ago:

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Windows 7 is better.

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mcnaz replied ago:

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>Windows 7 is better

Better than what? Herpes?

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sproketboy replied ago:

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"For real .NET application stability, Linux is a better choice than Windows." ROFL.

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zdbrig replied ago:

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Yes , I agree. Linux is better. There are many more than these 10 reasons.

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cstrosser replied ago:

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The only problem is that Linux is overall not better than Windows 7 or even Windows Server 2008 for that matter. I love Linux for certain applications - very specific applications - but not for desktop use, or as an office server.

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iirekm replied ago:

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If Linux (i.e. Wine) supported Windows apps I would switch to Linux without hesitation, however it isn't so easy. Lots of software I use just needs Windows (and won't even start under Wine).

Linux is only for people who:
- need a good and stable HTTP/FTP/Samba/CGI/PHP/Java server - Linux is incredibly good at it
- don't need to use Windows applications (especially Windows games); it means that Linux may be good as a desktop machine at work (for example Google recently switches their workstations to Linux), but isn't as good at home (who of you don't like to play a PC game at home from time to time?)

And this article just tells lies: for example Mono implementation of .net isn't complete - many things won't just work on Mono. Hopefully there's little prominent applications written in .net. :-)

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