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2011 was one of the most eventful years I can recall for software developers. The last time the scenery changed so much in one year was probably 1995, thanks to Windows 95 and 32-bit computing. This year, we have seen major shifts in the way we program for the Web, the future of Windows is unsettling and different from what we know today, and technologies we thought were “the future” are suddenly looking like they won’t even make it to has-been status. Here are the most important events in the world of software development in 2011.

Posted by tiago_simoes  |   Dec 29 2011 / 09:42

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yakkoh replied ago:

yeah but:
for javascript, the explosion of JS rewriter and even DART
the Ipad domination but Android is taking over the smartphone platform
for HTML5, Chrome now at the same level as Firefox

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