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The tale of this story actually starts in March 2011, when Color launched its app to the world along with the announcement that the company had raised a staggering $41 million prior to the launch. Color’s app was supposed to reinvent photo sharing, it was supposed to be as big a deal as Google, it was supposed to be a huge success.

Posted by mitchp  |   Dec 26 2012 / 10:19

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devdanke replied ago:

The failure of some tiny startup company named Color that 99.9% of developers and the public don't even know is certainly not the biggest tech failure of 2012. Vastly bigger are the continuing failures of Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM. These are/were among the biggest tech companies in the world for years. Two of these three could go bankrupt or be sold in pieces in 2013 due to their 2012 failures. And Microsoft's performance leaves no doubt, they are in a state of serious decline. Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM are the biggest tech failures of 2012.

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BestTechie replied ago:

I get your perspective. However, as I replied to you (I believe) on my site, here's my thought process. I don't necessarily think we can call Microsoft and Nokia the biggest failures of 2012. First, Microsoft is still doing well financially and some of its divisions are doing extremely well. When it comes Windows 8 -- I did cover all the news relating to that and its poor sales (including the Surface RT), you may also want check out my post titled Microsoft's Month from Hell. However, being that Windows 8 came out at the end of October, it's tough to call it a failure at this point in time -- it could very well turn out to be successful in the long-run. As for Nokia, are they in a bad spot? Sure, but their Nokia Lumia phones look promising and were apparently selling pretty decently last I checked (I have covered of that too). I wouldn't say they are the biggest failure of 2012 either. In terms of RIM, again similarly to Nokia, they are in a bad spot -- in fact, probably a worst spot than Nokia. However, I'm not going to say they were biggest failure of 2012 when they have their new OS coming out in 2013 that they believe will help them turn it around. If anything, I'd hold off on counting RIM out (and calling them the biggest tech failure) until 2013 is over. So yeah, it definitely goes to Color and the circus that went along with the company. For a company that was supposed to be as big a deal as Google, and in the end didn't have any major impact on the industry, is just another reason why they were the biggest failure of 2012. The companies you're highlighting really could be proponents for 2013's biggest tech failures (potentially), but for 2012? I don't think so.

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