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Traditional boundaries belong to the Past. Whether you like it or not, new devices (tablets, smartphones...) are being used every day to access your IT systems, including business-critical applications. With the Cloud, IT assets themselves are rapidly moving outside of the VPN orbit. Securing multiple device access to your IT assets (CRM, messaging system, EDM, business apps...) is has become a critical component of the IT value-chain. Unfortunately, classical authentication mechanisms, such as tokens, cannot respond to the new challenges: Must be super easy to use, super easy to deploy, cost-effective, and align authentication with your IAM policies.

Posted by JeanROCHER  |   Nov 15 2013 / 04:40

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soham_roy replied ago:

I particularly find the concept of Single Sign-On across applications and devices a little uncomfortable. We users aren't confined to the boundaries of a personal computer. With the advent of Tabs and Smartphones , the sharing of single password to access multiple systems across Computers , Tablets and S.P can lead to authentication risks.

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