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By schneide
Published: Dec 23 2009 / 11:47

There is a fallacy around Polyglot Programming, especially the term "the right tool for the job": Programming languages aren't tools.
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AllureFX replied ago:

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C'mon, you're taking it too literally/seriously. The idea is obviously to not force-fit a language just because you're familiar with it - whether it's a tool, material, or whatever. Unfortunately though, asking to "use the right tool" is just as useless/generic as asking to "eat right." The devil is in the details, and you always need to consider a lot of factors in making the decision.

E.g., I'm an enterprise tech/Java guy and am building a web app in GWT only partly because I like working in Java rather than JavaScript: GWT also makes it easier to develop/debug/test (because of the awesome tools already available for Java), produces optimized JavaScript (which gets better with each GWT release), and generates cross-browser compatible scripts (kind of a pain to do on your own).

On the other hand, think of writing a JavaScript snippet of 10 lines. Would it make sense to write it in GWT just because you're a Java guy and hate JavaScript?

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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GWT lacks the WYSIWYG tools and over that it uses XML, thats adding insult to injury.

Lets hope they discard XML in version 3 and make it developer friendly.

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jeremycrosbie replied ago:

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The only fallacy here is a logical one. This is just a long-winded article taking issue with the use of 'tool' for a programming language, where the author prefers 'material', and cannot demonstrate, without using awful analogies, why this is even a problem.

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