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By mostlyharmless
Published: Jan 08 2008 / 22:57

The good thing about Java is not the language, it's the JVM!
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sb90504 replied ago:

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The good thing about Java is that it's not just a language, it's a "platform". The JVM is a significant part of that, but so are all the supporting libraries and APIs. We could also include the myriad open source and commercial tools in an extended notion of "platform".

The author equates the Java language to "too much configuration". This has been true, but changes to the Java language (annotations, for example) have reduced the amount of configuration significantly. Look at frameworks like Seam2, for example.

It's reasonable to look to other JVM-based languages like Groovy or JRuby when performance is not a big concern. However, be aware that not all JVM languages will integrate with the Java platform equally well. Groovy is able to seamlessly integrate with the existing Java platform and can easily use any of the existing Java libraries. JRuby's integration is not nearly so good (and the documentation is very bad). With JRuby, an existing Java developer will generally need to learn a whole new range of Ruby libraries (rather than use Java libraries). This is a much steeper learning curve for existing Java developers compared to using Groovy.

User 265476 avatar replied ago:

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The author is really complaining about IDEs and application frameworks without realizing that there _are_ frameworks and tools out there that also favor convention over configuration.

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