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By dulanov
Published: Jul 16 2007 / 15:25

JSON shows its greatest weakness. Yes the little semantics JSON datastructures have makes them easy to work with. One knows how to interpret an array, how to interpret a number and how to interpret a boolean. But this is very minimal semantics. It is very much pre web semantics. It works as long as the client and the server, the publisher of the data and the consumer of the data are closely tied together. Why so? Because there is no use of URIs, Universal Names, in JSON. JSON has a provincial semantics. Compare to XML which gives a place for the concept of a namespace specified in terms of a URI.
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jvwilge replied ago:

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Of course JSON has many limitations, but who cares? You use JSON because you want a compact notation that can be used directly in Javascript. When you want to do more advanced stuff you use another notation, it's that simple and you don't need such a long article for it. I voted nothing, it's a well written article but a bit pointless.

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bblfish replied ago:

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If you look at the debate on the RESTful web services mailing list it emerged from and that it links to, you will see that it is not perhaps so obvious to many people what the limitations of JSON are. Do you think it could replace XML for instance, as a data format? Why not? It is a lot easier to read and parse, no? What could be the problem with it?

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joelp replied ago:

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Ha I have to say I agree with jvwilge, I couldn't care less about the limitations, it works perfectly well as providing a compact notation!

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