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Many of my co-workers (and people in general for that matter) find it strange that I use a MacBook Pro as my primary development platform. The two main camps of developers I have encountered either lean towards Microsoft Windows of some flavor of UNIX. Most of them have never even considered using a Mac for software development. While I acknowledge that some tasks are platform dependent (ASP.NET for example), many tasks allow developers the freedom to choose their environment.

Posted by bloid  |   Sep 23 2007 / 09:56

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lem z replied ago:

Not a single reason in favor of OSX... Also, OSS could be developed on all platforms unless you are targeting a specific platform or a set of platforms.

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omouse replied ago:

It's too easy though to give good reasons to use it: Objective-C and Cocoa, XCode and Interface Builder kick more ass than Glade and Visual Studio/WinForms/WPF/whatever.

I think the thing is that they're sexy machines that just work and you don't have to mess around with them like you do with Linux and Windows. The editors available for OS X are nice SubEthaEdit and TextMate

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bloid replied ago:

I just can't get on with XCode... I've tried and I've tried, but it always feels like I'm fighting with it, rather than it helping me along...

Interface builder is cool however :)

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gregorypierce replied ago:

Absolutely agree with XCode. Its one of the pieces of the Apple world which really don't "just work". Seriously needs some design help.

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jmcantrell replied ago:

I would give the same reasons for Mac as a dev environment, only they would be why it is NOT suitable. Everything in OSX is so restrictive, and if you go outside of the "Mac" way of thinking, you might as well be developing on a speak-n-spell (
Yes, I agree that Apple's hardware people are very talented at making a hunk of metal look sexually appealing, but, despite what I keep hearing, Mac's do NOT "Just Work". They have the same problems that every other computer does (hardware compatibility problems, crashing, bugs, etc.). If anyone tells you differently, they are either a mac fanboy or trying to relieve you of your money.

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omouse replied ago:

The only problem I've encountered with my Mac (that I occassionally use, I'm a Linux user) is that the hard-drive fails. It's an old computer though so that's forgiveable. Other than that, it has run well for the last few years.

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